Do you know Canada’s owls ?

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Owl Pellets – to dissect

When owls feed, the undigested parts of their prey are discarded: hair, feathers and bones. By dissecting a pellet, biologists can learn a lot about the animal’s diet.

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Teachers’ Corner

Suggested activities, connections and possible sequence

  • Introduction to food chains
  • Dissection of the pellets
  • Use of this resource page for students to explore the characteristics of barn owls.
  • Discussion of animal adaptations and appearance and how they relate to their habits, habitats, diets, mating, etc…
    • E.g.: hawks don’t need to be quiet because they are much faster than their prey. Hawks surprise their prey before they have time to hear them!
    • The shape of airplane wings can be compared in a similar way (engineering, physical forces of flight).
  • Realization that animals have adapted over millions of years to fill their ecological niche (habitat, relation to other animals, diet, etc…). This specificity puts emphasis on the importance of understanding and protecting the diversity of ecosystems on which animals rely.
  • Reinforcement challenge: students must choose a bird and describe the adaptive characteristics associated to its lifestyle, its relationship with other animals (food chain) and humans (how to protect the animal and its habitat).
    • Presentation of the geographical region of distribution and migration (geography)
    • Description of a day in the life of an animal (language arts)
  • Extension into other sciences > Biomimicry: the parallel between birds and airplanes is just one example of how humans are inspired by nature to create objects and technologies. A fascinating research topic that can create connections between natural evolution and technological evolution.
    • Opportunity to design an object inspired by nature (+ arts)

Bonus – Listen to the sounds of North American owls

You can watch more barn owl videos from our playlist of favourites, including a live video feed from a barn owl nest.

Did you know that 3 species of owls are the emblem birds of a Canadian province? Associate the bird with the province it represents…