The Best Resources about the International Space Station

My favorite links to explore the International Space Station from anywhere!

Virtual tours

Information pages from the Canadian Space Agency

And finally, make an appointment with the station with this NASA site that allows you to receive notifications every time the station passes in the skies above you.

It is done in a few simple steps:

Find your location with the box on the map.
Indicate with the drop-down menu if you want to receive text or email, then fill in your contact information.
Then check the two boxes indicating that you are the actual owner of the data and have permission to send messages to it and that you understand that NASA is not responsible for any possible charges incurred for sending messages [which is why I prefer email, I’ve never tried texting].
Please note that it may take a few weeks to receive them, or you may receive them every day for several days in a row; it is important to select the right time (weekend, reasonable time and clear sky).
The cancellation of this subscription is done on the same site, with the Cancel Alerts button.

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